When it comes to beaches, Lefkada is one of a kind. Famous worldwide for their exotic turquoise waters, sugar-fine sand and lush green landscape, Lefkada beaches are too good to miss!

Porto Katsiki beach

Porto Katsiki is one of the best beaches, not only in Greece, but also in the whole world! It is located 45 km away from the main town of Lefkada and boasts a breathtaking landscape. Surrounded by dramatic steep white cliffs, covered with lush vegetation, this beach has a wild natural beauty! Porto Katsiki is also organized with umbrellas and sunbeds.

Egremni beach

Egremni beach is located 40 km away from the main town of Lefkada. Breathtaking white cliffs, sparkling white sand, white pebbles and crystal clear waters create an absolutely dreamy beach! You can reach it either by boat or by walking down 350 steps from the cliffs. In Egremni, you’ll find facilities, such as umbrellas, sunbeds and beach bars. Even though this beach is very popular, you can still find some more private spots, to relax away from the crowd.

Kathisma beach

Another beautiful Lefkada beach, Kathisma, is located 15 km away from the main town of Lefkada. Kathisma is one of the longest beaches in Lefkada and has white sand and amazing crystal clear turquoise waters. It is fully organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, beach bars, restaurants, as well as water sports facilities. If you want a more isolated spot to enjoy your day at the beach, you’ll find it on the right side of Kathisma.

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